Image Stitching

Stitching image for panorama is good especially if you want to let the beauty of the scene to shine in one single picture file rather than viewing them separately. Let say you want to combine a series of image below. Firstly, download Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) here and download the one that is compatible to your operating system and download the images below, save them into one folder.

The interface is pretty straight-forward actually, just drag and drop the image you want to stitch and the application will take care of the rest.

For those who really don’t know or afraid to use, here’s some simple tutorial on how to use this application.

Highlight all the images you downloaded earlier and drag them to the grey area of the application and you will get something like image below.

The image has been stitched together and showed a white rectangular box. This rectangle box is the crop area. You can specify which area you want to crop manually or simply just press the “Automatic Crop” button. You can specify which picture format to use, in this case, JPEG format and the quality of the image, will determine the file size once it has been exported as a file.

The higher the quality, the higher the file size will become. Press “Export to Disk” button to save the file and choose the file location where you want to save the stitched image.

Here’s the final product of the stitched image from the above.

If you want to make the panorama scene more perfect, use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to adjust the color of the stitched image to have equal color between all of them.

NOTE: This image stitching isn’t limited to pictures captured by cameras only, also can be used to stitch the scanned image. E.g large newspaper article.