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IT Camp 2011

IT Camp 2011 were successfully launched at SM Teknik Tawau on 14th-16th May 2011 with 33 facilitators and 47 students attended this event.

The students are from SM Teknik and SMK Kuhara joined together having fun with the facilitators who giving several new knowledge in computer hardware and software, which is the theme this year is all about creativity. The students learned about the basics of photo editing and animation alongside with the hardware know-how.

Director: Mohd. Asraff B. Amzani

Deputy Director: Muliana Bt. Tahir

Secretary: Henrittaliana

Treasurer: Miza


IT Week 2009

IT Week 2009 were held on 10-11th April 2009 at School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT/SKTM). The main objective of this program is to deliver motivational support to the participants to achieve higher academic qualities and to give knowledge regarding IT to the participants as well.

The theme was “to know, to like and to conquer IT”. This theme is based on; to know, know the meaning and the usage of IT, to like, to make the participants become interested in IT and to conquer, not just knowing the usage and getting interested, but to be more efficient in IT stuffs.

18 committees involved  in this program and these are important persons who made this event a success.

Mohd Nasir Morni

Deputy Director
Noranisah Ismail

Nurul Fadhilah Binti Mohd Darwis

Mohd Adi Izzat bin Moakhir