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IT Camp 2011

IT Camp 2011 were successfully launched at SM Teknik Tawau on 14th-16th May 2011 with 33 facilitators and 47 students attended this event.

The students are from SM Teknik and SMK Kuhara joined together having fun with the facilitators who giving several new knowledge in computer hardware and software, which is the theme this year is all about creativity. The students learned about the basics of photo editing and animation alongside with the hardware know-how.

Director: Mohd. Asraff B. Amzani

Deputy Director: Muliana Bt. Tahir

Secretary: Henrittaliana

Treasurer: Miza



IT Camp 2009

On 23-25th November 2009, IT Camp were successfully held in UMS by the INTEC committees. The facilitator consists of first year and several second year students who volunteered to make this event a success.

The director of this IT Camp 2009, Azmeer Andi Azzaini Bin Risyandi Latiff, invited four different secondary school located in rural area between Sandakan and Lahad Datu province and the schools are:

1. SMK Bukit Garam 1

2. SMK Bukit Garam 2

3. SMK Kg. Paris

4. SMK Kinabatangan

Each school sends out 20 students and 2 teacher to escort and monitor them. In overall, there’s 140 peoples involved, that includes:

80 students (20 each from each school)

8 teachers (2 from each school)

50 facilitators (consists of first and second year students)


IT Camp 2004

This program held on 13-16th March 2004 at SMK Taman Fajar Sandakan with the cooperation with Kemajuan IT (KIT) unit, Deputy Speaker and Student Council.

This event is to introduce the equipment that are related to computers, the director of this program able to conduct a survey to see how far IT has developed in schools in Sabah and its education qualities for them able to deliver knowledge to the participants based on these survey.

“IT as Vision Actuators” were the most suitable theme that time. IT becoming more important in everyday life especially something involves a lot of works like accounting, creating letters and etc.

These are the activities for the program:

1. Get Friendly – to develop friendship between the facilitators and participants.
2. Introduction to computers – introduce the computer to the participants.
3. Computer software – Delivering the knowledge of the importance of computer applications.
4. Internet – Delivering the usage of the internet.
5. Multimedia – Delivering the knowledge of what a multimedia application can do.
6. Group Assignment – To see how well the participants used the delivered knowledge put into presentation.
7. Speeches – Delivering how the world of IT works and helps in life.
8. IT Exhibition – Introducing SEIT/SKTM and course offered by UMS to the publics.
9. Recreation – To balance out the physical and mental health.

Theres 40 facilitators involved during the period of this event and these are the following facilitators that made this event a success.

Whelton Anak Lumpoi

Deputy Director 1
Srijana Rusdhy Palattui

Deputy Director 2
Mohammad Erfan Mohammad Rafik

Dayang Datu Fauzia Ismail

Deputy Secretary
Husin Maryanah

Zyzliza @ Liza Bt. Ramdan

Deputy Treasurer
Sepia Son Tading

Assignments and Contents
Suriani Bt Aziz

Diman Lucilie

Suzen @ Suzanah Bt Masri

Gifts & Certificates
Rozidah Segara

Spirituality & Safety (Sports & Leisure)
Irsawati Bt. Mat Jaili

Equipment & Technical
Nelson Lazarus

Publisit & Exhibition

Aina Salini Mampi

Special Duties
Mohamad Izha B. Joseph