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Family Day 2010 photos

Here is the link to the photos for the 2010 Family Day.

Simply click the link below to view the album.

Family Day Photos


Family Day 2010

Director of Family Day ’10 congratulates all the committees and participants who joined this memorable event as well as lecturers who are willing to tag along as well.


Family Day ’10

Date: 7. august 2010

Time 6.30 AM

Venue: Tanjung Aru 2

Fees: RM10

Note: please wait at your own resident

There will be a family day on August 7th 2010  Saturday. Apparently, it is compulsary to attend this event for the hc00/05 first year.

Reason for this event:

It is to meet with your HC00/05 seniors and get to know them and also familiarize yourself with others as well especially ‘us’ event handler with you guys.


Family Day 2008

This program were held on 15-16th March 2008 at International Labuan Campus (UMSKAL). This event was a visit to an another UMS campus located in Labuan and the Microsoft Launch were held there as well during this event. One of the main objective of this event is to have a friendship relationship between students in UMS and UMSKAL, and to make the students to immerse themselves in various aspects.

Lo Vui How

Deputy Director
Ong Jia Hui

Chua Chung Han

Deputy Secretary
Karthigesu A/L Rajendran

Yap Sze Bee

Deputy Treasurer
Ch’ng Nguik Hui