Here’s a FAQ about INTEC .

1. What is UMS INTEC?

UMS INTEC is an Information Technology club formed for the HC00, Software Engineering and HC05, System and Networking Management courses.

2. What is the the purpose of UMS INTEC club?

The purpose is to let the students from these two courses to have a better friendships as well as getting to know their seniors and juniors. UMS INTEC club were formed for one of its main program, called IT Camp program.

3. What is this “IT Camp Program” then?

This program were introduced by the former first president of INTEC club, Rozaini Jumadi in the year of 2001 with En. Nordin Saad as the club’s supervisor. The purpose of this program is to deliver the computer knowledge to secondary students who doesn’t have much knowledge about computer stuff.

4. Do “IT Camp Program” held at same place?

The answer is no. The aim of this program is to deliver the knowledge to most schools mainly in the rural area or places don’t have that particular knowledge yet. For short, we pick those places randomly.

5. What are the contents of “IT Camp Program” delivered to the participants/students?

The contents are picked based on the area as well. For example for IT Camp 2011 and IT Camp 2009, the content for both are different. In 2009, we deliver the basics of computer knowledge, how to use them especially internet related and hardware know-how. In 2011, we teach them knowledge related to creativity and hardware know-how. The hardware section is compulsory. For short, it depends on the origin of the schools and participants as well.

6. Do “IT Camp Program” same as  the normal “Motivational Camp”?

No, IT Camp won’t be the same as “Motivational Camp”. We emphasize on learning enjoyment rather than stress over the participants while undergoing this camp. So there’s no harsh activities conducted.