About IT Camp Program

This is the main event held by UMS INTEC’s members annually. This program is mainly to educate the population of Sabah especially those who lives in the remote area such as Kinabatangan, Semporna, Kg. Paris, Bukit Garam and other places that is categorized as remote area (most people who lives there didn’t care about the importance of Information Technologies).

The IT Camp facilitator especially the Director of this program have to work closely with the program supervisor, their teams and communicate with other related people to get this program running smoothly. The budget for this program mainly sponsored by Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), where as SKMM’s main role is to introduce the importance of the Information Technology (IT) in our everyday life through supporting UMS INTEC’s “IT Camp Program” budgets.

The director also need to determine which school they need to go or which school they want to invite. Like the “IT Camp 2009”, the facilitators invited four secondary schools into UMS and teach them the basics of using computers. The syllabus is depends on the area of the schools as well, if the school don’t have any IT facilities or their students don’t have the basics, the facilitator will prepare for the introductions and basics to the computer world. If it’s the other way around, the facilitator will either pick another school or find something to teach them where the students haven’t learn that particular area yet.