UMS INTEC is one of the SKTM club and mostly meant for HC00 and HC05 courses.

The UMS INTEC’s logo represents the information data flow within the system of a computer. It’s also shows how important it is to have information technologies in our everyday life and UMS INTEC club are just fit for this tasks. But UMS INTEC isn’t only about Information Technology, the members of the club also holding some general events to make people realize about computers and it’s uses.


Pn. Siti Hasnah Tanalol

Pn. Salmah Fattah

The Beginning of UMSINTEC

UMSINTEC was founded in 2001 by En.zakaria and En Nordin Saad as supervisor and Rozaini Jumadi as the very first UMSINTEC’s president that time.

The purpose of UMSINTEC is to be a median between computer engineer students and with the communities in Sabah. Since then, UMSINTEC began to keep on hosting the Camp IT Program annually and main objective of this event is to educate peoples on remote area about the knowledge of Information Technology (IT) by the committee board that runs the event as a team.

As UMSINTEC progress with their primary event, Camp IT Program, this club host several other events as well.


Here is the location on how to reach our club. This club is located at the main building of SKTM, UMS, and the club room is shown by the arrow

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Kelab UMSIntec
Sekolah Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi Maklumat
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
88450 Kota Kinabalu