Monthly Archives: November 2011

Event Plans

Several events have been discussed to be carried out under the INTEC club and the approval for these events are still pending

  1. IT Camp 2012
  2. Study tour
  3. another study tour

UMS INTEC Gathering 2011

This event is to form a bond between junior of hc00/05 and seniors through bowling competitions

COMPULSORY to all 1st year students
OPTIONAL to 2nd-3rd year students

Time: 9-12pm
Date: 20th November 2011
Venue Centre Point Kota Kinabalu
Fee: RM10

Do send your NAME, MATRIC number to the person below. DUE date for the payment is on 18th Nov 2011

Ady Fadhilah – (1st year)
Radsmil Nasir – 014-9502035 (2nd-3rd year)